Green's Function Library

The purpose of the Green's Function (GF) Library is to organize fundamental solutions of linear differential equations and to make them accessible on the World Wide Web. The GF Library should be useful to engineers, scientists, mathematicians, geologists, or anyone working with linear differential equations of the diffusion type.

The GF Library is an extension of the book Heat Conduction Using Green's Functions (Cole, Beck, Haji-Sheikh, and Litkouhi, 2nd ed., 2011, CRC/Taylor and Francis).

· Contents of the GF Library.
· Organization of the GF Library--GF Numbering System.
· Search for Green's Functions.
· Downloads: documents.
EXact Analytical Conduction Toolbox: EXACT.
Green's Function Top Ten List.
Related links.
Brief  Introduction to the Green's Function Method.
· What is Green's Function (GF)?
· Finding Temperature.   The GF Solution Equation.
· Advantages of the GF Method.
· Notation used in the GF Library (list of symbols).
· References.
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