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          Additional material related to Green's functions may be downloaded from this page.  

          Error list

                        PDF version of errata for our book, "Heat Conduction Using Green's Functions",
                        by Cole, Beck, Haji-Shiekh, and Litkouhi, (2011).  Error list updated January 2019.



                        1. Handbook of Integrals Related to Heat Conduction and Diffusion, by D. E. Amos, 2006,
                            Preface, Ch. 1, Ch. 2, Ch. 4., PDF and text documents, 3.03 MB.
                            For Chapter 3 (derivations), contact D. E. Amos or J. V. Beck.                            

                        2. Number of Terms for Steady State, monograph by J. V. Beck, 2003,  
                            MS Word document, 180 KB.

                        3. Green's functions for transient problems involving convection (spatially uniform
                            velocity), monograph by J. V. Beck, 2002, MS Word document, 314 KB.

                        4. List of temperature solutions in the book by Carlsaw and Jaeger (1959 edition),
                            identified by the GF numbering system,  compiled by J. V. Beck.
                            HTML Document

                        5. Number-system index of temperature solutions in three books:
                            Carslaw and Jaeger (1959); Luikov (1968); and Cole, Beck, Haji-Shiekh, Likouhi (2011).
                            Over 900 entries compiled by K. Cole, E. Scott, T. Kerl. Posted July 2017, updated 26 Feb 2018.



        Program for displaying temperature in fins by the Green's Function method.  Displays equations only,
                        no numerical results computed.  Requires Perl, Latex.  Tested on Windows 98, 2000, XP;
                        also runs on Linux.  See reference "Computer Programs for Fins and Slab Bodies with the Method
                        of Green's Functions," Computer Applications in Engineering Education.  September 2004.

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