What's New  at the Green's Functions Library

09/2017 Posted solution index for three books: Carslaw (1959), Luikov (1968), Cole et al. (2011) on the Download page.
04/2017 Update of error list for 2011 edition of "Heat Conduction Using Green's Functions."
06/2014 Posted error list for 2011 edition of "Heat Conduction Using Green's Functions."
02/2013 Link added to EXact Analytical Conduction Toolbox.
08/2012 Top Ten List of Green's function use, by country.
06/2012 Added temperature software for case X22B10T0, as an example of the EXact Analytical Conduction Toolbox, or EXACT.
07/2010 Second edition of book "Heat Conduction Using Green's Functions" is in print.
02/2010 Updated references.
12/2009 Updated table of contents for the second edition of book "Heat Conduction Using Green's Functions", due in 2010.
06/2007 Handbook of Integrals Related to Heat Conduction and Diffusion, D. E. Amos, 2006, available at the download page.
06/2007 Correction to case RS13 (transient) and to "Rectangle, steady GF, single- and double-sum form".
11/2006 List of planned revisions for a second edition of book "Heat Conduction Using Green's Functions".
06/2005 Section "Radial Cylindrical Coordinates, Steady 2D and 3D" added to Contents.
09/2004 Software "Tfin" available for download.
08/2004 Section "Helmholtz Equation, Steady-Periodic" added to Contents.
07/2004 Added Index.
03/2004 Added a page for downloading documents related to Green's functions.
07/2003 Added "Examples, Green's Function Numbers" to "Organization of the GF Library".
02/2003 Improvements to Glossary.
12/2002 Section "Rectangular Coordinates, Strip and Semi-strip, Steady" added to Contents.
08/2002 Corrections to cases RS12 and RS13, under "Radial-spherical coordinates, transient 1-D"
03/2002 Section "Rectangular Coordinates, Small-time GF, transient cases XIJ" added to Contents.
Error list expanded.
11/2001 Error list added for book, "Heat Conduction Using Green's Functions" (Beck et al., 1992).
04/2001 Search capability added.
03/2001 Section "Rectangular Coordinates, Finite Bodies, Steady" added to Contents.
Examples added to section "Finding Temperature--The GF Solution Equation

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